About Waterly

    Many of us want to have a green lawn and also want to be responsible with our water use. Waterly was designed to help with that.

    Our collective watering of our lawns is a big drain on water resources during the summer months. Also, because we water our lawns from our household water supply, we end up using water that has been treated for human consumption. A great deal of energy is used to collect, treat and transport water to our homes. We can reduce our carbon footprint and conserve water resources by reducing the amount of water to only what is necessary to maintain a healthy lawn.

    Watering restrictions give us certain days of the week and times when we are allowed to water our lawns. Without clear information about how much water our lawn needs, and what natural watering (rainfall) is contributing, we are tempted to water every time we are allowed to, just to be safe. Waterly gives the information needed to safely reduce water use and maintain a healthy lawn. What a relief!

    Waterly keeps track of recent rainfall near your home and lets you know with an email when you don't need to water your lawn. No more need to water just because it is your watering day. Waterly helps you to use only as much water as your lawn needs to stay healthy.

    Waterly was created by http://www.dynamic-solutions.com for the Apps for Climate Action Contest.

    We want you to look around and try things out. And, if you have an idea or suggestion that you would like to share, feel free to click on the feedback link to the right.

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